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Living with Feline Diabetes

Feline Diabetes
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Welcome to sugar_cats. A community for feline diabetes.
We offer support, help, advice, hints and tips on how to cope with having a diabetic cat.
If you need help with special diets that can help diabetes in your cat, injecting your cat, injecting techniques, blood glucose numbers help, what to ask your vet, what signs to look out for, home testing etc - we are here. No question is too small.
Anyone can join and post. Whether its to offer advice, ask questions or to tell of their personal experience.
Always remember to consult your vet before starting/stopping/making changes to any treatment. We are here to help and guide ONLY, not to tell you how to treat your cat.
Our only rules are: No flaming of other members. No abuse of other peoples opinions and/or advice (we can all debate like adults). Posts MUST be related to feline diabetes in some way.