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where to inject?

where is the best place to inject? ive heard mixed reviews.
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As you know, most people inject in the scruff.
Recently, I have heard that injecting there isnt as good as injecting in, say, the flank.
Personally, I think the scruff is best for a few reasons. Its easier and Its less painful for the cat.
Hope that helps :)
Jo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
that does make sense. i wudnt dare inject anywhere else - not that i do lol my eldest sister has a cat that *might* be diabetic so i want to learn as much as i can to pass it on. thnx
The only way we could get any injections into our cat was to do it into the scruff while he was eating some sort of treat, like soft food or Whisker Lickins soft treats, heh.
My kitties vet (whom I regretfully refer to as my vet), said anywhere on the body was fine. I usually do it behind the scruff, since my cat takes exception to me grabbing her there.
I wouldnt let anyone inject me anywhere else but my scruff!